"DEEP Clearing - Releasing the Power of Your Mind" by Rolf Dane - Sample Chapter: Introduction - presented by Ability One Group, Denmark

Why DEEP is a Stroke of Genius

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The present book is divided up in three parts plus a useful appendix.


Part One covers the background of DEEP Clearing. This is what we have called Clearing Work or Clearing Technology in general. The sources of clearing work are many. Part One reflects our own understanding as it has developed over the years. Part One gives the philosophical foundation that we operate from and have operated from for years—also prior to DEEP Clearing. Principles like the life cycle; attention and intention; the importance of communication; the triad of understanding; the connection between spirit, mind, body; and life and living understood on the basis of games theory, are all basic concepts we have found valuable in our work and they are part of DEEP Clearing as well.


Part Two covers our own research and results and the principles that are new in therapy and selfimprovement. The reader will find a new understanding of emotional charge, the importance of points of view in resolving issues and cases. The chapter on the DEEP Package is very central to this book and the DEEP Clearing method.


DEEP stands for Decision, Emotion, Effort/Energies, Point of view/Polarity. These are the elements we address in issues and cases. Decisions and thoughts; Emotions and feelings; Efforts, including action, motion, habits and routines are the three layers each and every issue consists of. The three layers parallel the ageold model of man as consisting of head, heart and hand; of the mental, emotional and physical sides of our lives and behavior. Each layer has to be addressed separately in each issue to ensure techniques are effective and swift.


However, any issue that persists has a pole and a counter-pole. It takes a plus and minus pole to generate electricity. It takes conflicting points of view to generate resistive emotional charge. How this works in the mind and in resistive issues is covered in theory in part two.


Part Three gives exact instructions in how to apply these principles in practice. We cover three main actions. How to clear up just about any subject with DEEP Subject Clearing. Anything from “fear of spiders”, and “trouble with the children”, to “stress” and “the tense climate at work” can be addressed successfully. There are complete instructions on how to address traumatic or stressful incidents with DEEP Incident Clearing. There are exact instructions in DEEP Body Clearing, a technique that improves the client's physical wellbeing by freeing up the life force and make it flow more freely to the benefit of the client's general health. Finally there is a chapter on DEEP Viewpoint Clearing, a very useful technique, especially for advanced clients.


In part one we use traditional terminology. The one receiving service is called “client”. The one delivering the service is the “practitioner”.


Various systems often have their own words for “client” and “practitioner” and DEEP Clearing is no exception. In part two and three we introduce our own terms of “introspector” for client and “clearer” for practitioner. Any new terms found in the book, by the way, is defined in the extensive glossary in the appendix. We hope you will find the information in this book of practical value. It is a complete guide in how to apply DEEP Clearing to clients and cases. Regardless of the technical and theoretical content, the book is written in an easy-to-understand style and provided with many illustrations.


Appendix: In this second edition the appendix contains much material of practical importance. You will find the New Vitality Lists, instructions in how to make longer action programs in DEEP and a section with short versions of the techniques that are helpful as ‘cheat sheets’ in session.


Rolf Dane



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