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Why DEEP is a Stroke of Genius

Foreword by Heidrun Beer

It is February 2019, and we are coming up on the 10th anniversary of the birth of our DEEP modality. Like very few other methods, if any, DEEP is truly the "baby" of two people - Rolf Dane and myself. It is a true and real co-creation: neither of us would have done it alone.


I specifically remember one crucial moment in 2011, where I was still in Austria and Rolf and I were chatting on Skype. Somehow that talk felt way too private, too casual and relaxed to me; I missed the usual passionate, nearly driven sounding reports about progress in Rolf's research projects. So I asked him: "How is it going with the Karma Buster project?" Karma Buster was an early name for what would become DEEP in the then future. We had done some pilot sessions on it earlier and had proceeded to testing other methods. Rolf hesitated for a moment and then said: "Oh, I have nearly forgotten about that!" Upon which I screamed "Nooooooo!" My voice was so loud that he could have heard me without a headset - that scream went across the whole distance from Austria to Denmark - at least that's how it felt!

At this pivotal moment it was still undetermined whether DEEP as a Clearing modality would ever be "born" - I still shudder when I think what would have happened, or rather failed to happen, if I had been just a tiny little bit less observant...

The path to not only using DEEP as a new method but also adding it as an extra tool to methods that we had used earlier was not always smooth. We were trained to see these procedures as "sacred cows"; altering them was nearly a sacrilege. But we had also learned to pay attention to priorities - magnitudes of importance. I had to repeat my message many times to get the DEEP approach incorporated into everything we had used earlier. And as it turned out, we can use DEEP to fully discharge and integrate the areas other methods have uncovered but not fully resolved. It requires some courage to leave a well-beaten track and blaze new trails into what appears like a thicket when you first venture into it. But when it was finally done, suddenly it was totally logical and natural and elegant - as if it could not be any other way! Just how it always should have been - a joy to behold.

Rolf made steady progress. He first wrote the procedures and then combined them with chapters from an unpublished book he had written earlier, that contained some fundamentals about the mind upon which DEEP was built. This resulted in this groundbreaking book "DEEP Clearing". And he trained himself in video editing and created most of the videos that we have online today. I spent most of my time in Denmark and began to practice DEEP; I also built databases and websites. I developed training materials for our first students, and helped at fairs where we presented DEEP to the Danish public. Additionally I learned video editing myself and provided some DEEP training videos. But most essentially I kept bringing ideas to the table; and while some other authors become lone wolves after a while and develop an arrogant guru mentality, Rolf was always listening and we kept having a productive dialogue.

In some cases I saw a way to simplify the approach to a case issue, for instance with "self serving computations", where one simple procedure now cuts through the whole Gordian knot of complexities that we had before. Sometimes I was able to add more precision - I skip the details here, since they are highly technical. But I also came up with concepts that turned into whole new chapters - things I had read in hundreds of books by authors outside of our own training, but also things that I originated myself.

"Tractor efforts" (energetic motions of a pulling character) and "split characters" (sub-personalities or identities inside the same person) were among the concepts that I suggested and that became parts of DEEP very quickly, after they proved useful in sessions with a variety of clients. Some of these changes were really dramatic and life changing. The same was true for the whole area of non-physical impulses and actions, which is highly charged for many very socially competent people, who keep most of their impulses inside and rarely or never act them out. And the introduction of a concept that we now call the "Outside Observer" has led to a whole new dimension of insights in the sessions of numerous clients - somehow when they look at their situation from the outside (after it has been discharged), they develop a wisdom of understanding that is simply not there when they look from the inside, from their own point of view.

In this step we honor an idea that is popular in modern spiritual movements: that possibly Earth is just a school and life is a series of lessons that have to be learned. If that is true, some traumatic incidents could well be "teaching movies", and simply discharging them is not enough - more importantly, their lesson must arrive in the individual's consciousness. That's why we ask the "Outside Observer" for lessons to be learned for each "actor". As soon as our client is certain that he has extracted all potential learning from an incident, that incident has served the purpose it may have had in his life plan (if it was not the result of the randomness of the universe), and can be let go of and be sent to the past.

Another thing that I found important but had been absent in our previous training was the existence of the physical body as an independent life form, a point of view that can contrast sharply with the spiritual being who inhabits that body. I had developed methods to deal with that before I met Rolf, and later tested them on him with good results, so it was natural that we incorporated that as DEEP Body Clearing. Dialogue or "talks" between the spirit and his body became a tool that made a great difference for many clients who had never before been aware that there could be a conflict, or that such a conflict could negatively affect them.

This "DEEP Body Clearing" tool proved its value especially once, when Rolf himself had an accident where he cut his wrist - his hand had a lot of unfriendly things to tell him after he had been stitched back together in the hospital! And once that charge was released, the doctors were surprised how fast he was healing.

Yet another subject that was close to my heart was the consciousness field of families, groups, nations, cultures or a whole planet - what Rupert Sheldrake calls a "morphic field", but could also be understood as a "group mind". I had written about that subject before and found it important to include it in DEEP, especially since some of my clients had conflicts not with individual enemies but with a whole culture's mindset. So in order to properly dissolve their charge, these cultures had to be seen and addressed as an opposing point of view. In other cases they act as amplifiers, or in other words, they reinforce rather than oppose certain non-optimum traits that a client is struggling with. That too needs to be looked at. It took me a while to "sell" all these concepts to Rolf - but as before, the successes I had in actual sessions with actual clients were better sales points than anything I could say, so today we have group minds in the advanced levels of DEEP training, and when a client comes with such an issue, our trainees are prepared for it.

There is another special pet subject of mine: the spirit world and its inhabitants. We found an elegant solution to that in DEEP: we now simply treat it as additional viewpoints populating the client’s world. I can perceive that some of these invisible people are actually in contact with us Earthlings - namely deceased loved ones, former drug addicts who seek out earth dwelling drug addicts to get their fix by drawing perceptions from their still living bodies, and a class of people who are assisting us in our Earth lives - called by many names, like "guardian angels" or "spirit guides" or even "screenwriters"...

To me all these spirits either have pressing issues, or advice to give, or there is the proverbial "unfinished business" to handle between them and our client. There is an urgency to their yet undelivered messages which sometimes has kept building over years or even decades. Ultimately that can lead to mountains of charge on both sides. The solution we came up with, as mentioned, was that any viewpoint that influences the client, and the client can perceive, can be taken up as such. It can be it a known person, a spirit, a group mind, etc. If the client can perceive it as a live entity, communication can be established and Clearing can take place. In practice this has benefitted the client and possibly the entity as well.

The successful handling of major charge in an actual client is always the factor that convinces Rolf. I kept telling him about these session encounters, where I improvised by applying our then standard DEEP methods to the unexpected guests in my sessions. Demonstrating the key quality of a Clearer, which is LISTENING, Rolf finally realized that here too was a case area for which we had to prepare our students, because "Ooops, I have not learned how to handle that" is not really a good answer to give a client who is just about to explode with charge in a session! So now we simply handle such encounters as additional viewpoints affecting the client.

Rolf himself benefitted from that. He had a very emotional encounter with his own deceased mother in one of our early sessions, which led to tremendous relief. It was not the deciding factor, but made it more real to Rolf that if he got something out of making good with his mother, some of our clients might also benefit from that! Not everybody sees spirits or their guardian angels, but to those clients who have these perceptions and for whom they are natural, we can happily say that we can deal with that too, not just with ordinary human-level trauma and stress. The approach is to define and address them as viewpoints that influence the client.

So the unifying concept, which in my opinion makes DEEP a stroke of genius (I may be too modest here...) is that we see all these points of view simply as units of consciousness. Whether you clash with your boss, your wife, your own body, some wispy demon with a green face and red horns, or the harsh group mind of your company or church - we always use the same DEEP methods to dissolve the charge on both sides. We have the tools to clean up the connections with your lost loved ones and your spirit helpers, and to break your bond with body-less drug addicts who may be driving you to excesses and are taking unfair advantage of you. And if internal conflicts tear you to pieces, we again help you to define your colliding own "parts" as units of consciousness, separate them from one another with great precision, and again use the same DEEP methods to reconcile the conflict between them.

It's your own self in the center, "split units" (sub-personalities) below, "merge units" (group minds) above, and other individual selves interacting with you at your own level. Whether they have a body or not, they are all units of consciousness with an urge to survive and to thrive, and they all respond to the same methods of clearing away negative energy.

So now, finally, all the energies, entities and influences the client is subject to can be addressed. DEEP has turned into a complete and real and well tested Clearing modality. The combination of its powerful basic simplicity with a flexibility and versatility that nobody else has, turns it into what could be called a universal approach. In the whole field of consciousness work, I see nothing that could shake or surpass the validity of DEEP Clearing, even though some people may remain attached to more specialized and less complete methods, simply because they resonate with them - we have no objections against that and wish them the best of luck.

With or without their agreement, Rolf's and my "baby" has grown up, it stands on its own two legs now, we are releasing it into the world, and if that world is ready for it, it can help countless people on their path of personal growth and evolution. May you grow big and old and do much good, my dear child!

Heidrun Beer
February 2019


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