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Monumental Breakthrough


This was a monumental breakthrough! It has reframed a lot of my thinking. I am still reeling, I am still re-establishing myself on that life-long rivalry with my sister. 


Who knows what else is around the corner?


John S., Canada



No More Trouble with Rage


I want to write about my experiences with DEEP Character Clearing.

In the past I was not aware of how much I destroyed my life with fits of rage. Time and again my patience was wearing thin, and I destroyed good opportunities.

In about 6 sessions we could find and erase the basis of my imperiousness (my practitioner is Heidrun Beer). Since then I have no more problems with it, and I notice it immediately when such a tendency "knocks on the door".

Finally I can work at the theme of unconditional love, which was always very desirable to me in this lifetime. Many thanks, Heidrun!

S.Q., Austria



From a murky dungeon

I want to say  that Rolf  pulled me out of deep  and murky  dungeon starting only a few weeks ago. If it was not for Rolf, I have no idea what I would have done. I highly recommend him.

Rolf has a whole arsenal of techniques and processes  that go very deep. I have worked with a good number of practitioners over the years, since 1997,  and Rolf  is the best I have had. He quickly  got into areas I have not touched before in over over 250 hours of sessions.

D.P., Canada


The key to enhanced beingness


Hi Heidrun, I just want to say how marvellous I am being these days. I lift other people's moods up to games or even exhilaration. I am calmer and clearer. I seem to calm others as well.

This process is really the key to enhanced beingness. And there is so much more fun and abilities and laughter and insights to be had. Wow, what a treasure trove. I do concur with you. My energy level has risen. ( I have always been energetic) But even more so now. Thank you and Rolf for this research.


J. J., England


Happy and Grateful

I am touched by the fact that after so many years of pumping energy into spiritual work, on a one-way flow most of the time and sometimes to the point of exhaustion, there is finally something substantial coming back to me. 

This is only a snapshot of my first impressions, we just started a few weeks ago. I am happy, and grateful.

H.B., Austria


New capabilities via SKYPE coaching

In these sessions my practitioner is Rolf Dane has been doing ability coaching with me; I am sitting on the East Coast, USA, while he is in Denmark! via Skype. This is long distance sessions that probably needs to be experienced to be believed. It was obvious to me Rolf's ability to run the session was unharmed and spot on.

I had several expansions of awareness over the course of sessions. I got an awareness of ability to remove charge from all existing Beings who have separated from their natural state.  It was quite a revealing adventure. 

I feel  I have regained some ability's yet to be fully expressed. I am currently still adjusting to my improved condition. My ethic viewpoint is upgrading.  

Thank you Rolf, Great Life Review rendition. 



The feelings of the past are resurrected


This is indeed an important process for me. I am able to fully live through parts of my life that I didn't have the time to experience when they originally happened. I always thought that charge goes back to incomplete life cycles, pieces of life not lived in all their parts or not fully understood.


Only now in session can I go back and fully experience my own feelings of horror at the time, or in other words, completely finish living through these moments. I had to DO so much that I couldn't BE myself. 

I don't know where this is covered by theory, but it has a great value for me at the moment.


S.T., Austria



"Handling of Antagonistic Person" Assist


Client had had a dispute with a rough business associate and was ready to give up her career as an artist:


"I got very upset and overwhelemed by emotional charge in the process of a dispute over money. Luckily my Ability  practitioner handled the upset and situation within minutes. Afterwards I was keyed out and could face the antagonist and to my amazement he was now nice to me. Thanks to Rolf for helping me out; you are a great practitioner."


J.S., Sweden



After Present Life Issues Program


Till now it went well. First time I find a practitioner who knows his business, has patience and does not have other intentions besides helping. Really appreciate it.


Wins so far: Communication is better with relatives; things are better at work; increased ability to face places and people . For example I plan to gather my fellow soldiers to a meeting so we can visit our old air base together.


R.U., Israel




After Drug Handling Sessions


I've just completed a sesies of sessions addressing the effects of Drugs and I feel great. I'm in present time and feel very happy. I can't wait to continue with ability coaching sessions.


A thank you to the developer of this and thanks to you, Rolf for your affinity and dedication to your clients. It made it a pleasant experience for me.


H.J., Denmark



Mental Masses Disappear


Receiving these sessions helped me handle some situations in my mind that had been upsetting me. I found out why some things had happened which resulted in mental masses blowing. Finding Rolf Dane has been delightful because he is a practitioner who is highly educated, knowledgeable, personable and flexible.


Thank you,


M. F., Michigan



After DEEP Character Clearing

The very good news is that over those past weeks I have often experienced the wins and good results from my service with you!!! Even at moments when things were not so easy I still had this feeling of "joie de vie".


Joy was the word that often came to my mind and I would find myself smiling :) . Friends of mine told me that I stayed so calm and that they wouldn't be so calm in my circumstances. And it was true. Before my service with you I could not imagine that I would ever feel  like this again :)


A.M., Luxembourg



Life is wonderful !

Once again, I would like to thank my good friend Per Schiøttz for the proceeds from these sessions:

I have been especially able to solve problems in areas with doubts about myself, insecurity and self-assessment. The result is that I'm doing well with my life, doing well with my current plans and activities and excited about the future.

Life is wonderful !


R. S., England



Like Window Cleaning




In all my days I have never gone into such depth of my inner sexual make up in detail. Truly this confidential connection is a success in itself.

These sessions of DEEP Character Clearing really get you to know who you are. And more importantly WHY you are. This recoups my attention and brings me into the "NOW" like window cleaning , clearing off the smashed bugs, old dirt, grime and grease. To sparkling clear, fresh, new!


J. J., England







OBE experiences and emotional stability


The addressing of bad deeds and secrets gave me a great relief from a feeling of guilt that has been eating me up for a long time.
Also, it was a revelatory experience going through some of my out-of-the-body experiences of my past. My ability to remember past lives got enhanced after running some incidents.


H.G., Mexico.



Regarding the sessions I got from you, I would say it has been kind of a clean up of many life times. This has been fabulous. My emotional well being is stably better and higher. Thanks for that.


H.G., Mexico



"Paradise on Earth"

I would like to thank my super coach and good friend Per Schiøttz for the wonderful progress and results of this fascinating review. I have, more importantly than anything else, regained my absolute assurance that I am an immortal spiritual being. We have lived a lot of lives and will live many more; But now I can do it with joy and endless pleasure and unlimited capabilities.

In addition, I rehabilitated the infinite natural love that I feel for my wonderful wife and partner. Because of her we can now work together to create a "Paradise on Earth"!

With great love,

R. S., England



One in a Million


We are both impressed with the quality of the sessions delivered by Heidrun. She is really special. Might even be one in a million. Thank you for suggesting her to do Clearing with us! My wife mentioned that she is now able to tune in to what her body really needs. She is already feeling magical shifts in her body. So am I.


Z. A., USA



Saved My Marriage


One of the greatest benefits of studying DEEP has been to consider points of view/alternative viewpoints of everyone I interact with in daily life. Being able to take the viewpoint of my husband saved my marriage, and I currently challenge myself with how many viewpoints I can hold at any one time.


L. B., USA




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