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Yes, I am interested in DEEP Clearing workshops!


   Please contact me by mail or by phone.

   Please notify me when you have set a date for a workshop.

Click Here if you are interested in more detailed and thorough DEEP Training instead!

I would like to attend:

(click all that apply)


  a 1-day workshop

  a 2-day weekend workshop

  a 3-day workshop (Friday plus weekend)

  a 3-day workshop (weekend plus Monday)


I am planning to come with more people.

My preferred times for a workshop would be:

(click all that apply)


  Saturday      Sunday


  Easter Vacation

  Summer Vacation

  Christmas Vacation

  Individual Vacation in month 

  No current workshop plans, I am just curious

  I have read the DEEP Book


Below are my questions and some information about my personal history:


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