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DEEP Clearing in 5 Minutes

A brief introduction to a new and exciting modality. It handles trauma and stress, continues into personal development, and can take you all the way to your full potential. 

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Introduction to DEEP Processing

15 minutes. Gives an overview of the modality. Our subjective experiences and reality consist of thoughts, emotions, actions and body. Add to this relationships. How can we use this classical knowledge in self-development?


Introduction to DEEP Clearing

Ca. 35 minutes. An introduction to how "head, heart and body" work together in life; how they accumulate negative energy by going through troublesome experiences; and how DEEP can help us to remove these energies from our system, so we can tackle life with fresh energy and a new clarity of thinking.

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DEEP in a Nutshell - or: why every holistic practitioner should get trained in DEEP!
Ca. 29 minutes. DEEP co-developer Heidrun Beer explains the key concepts of DEEP and shows its potential to complement other modalities that are currently focused on only one of the 3 DEEP elements "Decision", "Emotion" or "Execution". With clips from an actual DEEP session.


DEEP Clearing - Emotional Charge Explained


Ca. 16 minutes. What is emotional charge? How do we bring about full emotional release? The video explains the 3 layers of charge and how to handle them.



Why DEEP? (Not Yet Published)

Ca. xx minutes. We have observed a consistent pattern in many clients: some surface charge evaporates when they talk about something, but only DEEP unlocks the hidden "landmines" of charge that we need to detonate in session so they don't explode at the most inconvenient moment when they step on them accidentally while living their life. A longer (2 hours) video about this - covering a series of 4 full length sessions - is here.


Basic DEEP Techniques
About 9 minutes. The video covers three important DEEP techniques. DEEP Incident Clearing: The release and resolution of stressful and traumatic incidents. DEEP Subject Clearing: The release and resolution of stressful and negatively charged subjects. DEEP Body Clearing: Get to know your body and ailments in a whole new way.


DEEP Character Clearing

Ca. 7 minutes. This technique resolves old, archetypical conflicts, develops understanding, empathy and the power to soar above old hostilities and personal conflicts. Watch the video and find out
how we do this.




DEEP Clearing Session
Ca. 5 minutes from a DEEP session done on Skype. The client runs a mental action (execution, effort, energy). The clip shows clearly how the client discharges and runs out the incident in session.



DEEP Incident Clearing Session
Ca. 12 minutes. Clip from a real session given via Skype. The client sits in Australia. The clearer sits in Copenhagen.




Heidrun Beer: Interview about DEEP Incident Clearing

Ca. 19 minutes. Heidrun Beer is one of the most experienced practitioners of DEEP. In this video she tells about DEEP Incident Clearing and her experiences with this new technique.





DEEP Incident Clearing Compared to Traditional Event Review
Ca. 2 hours. This video is used in our training. It shows several actual sessions and how DEEP Incident Clearing uncovers several layers that traditional incident running couldn't reach. The same traumatic incident is first run with a traditional technique and then with DEEP Incident Clearing for permanent release and resolution of the traumatic incidents.

Danish TV


Gaia TV Interview Rolf Dane - BODY-MIND-SPIRIT Health Fair Feb. 2017.

Ca. 12 minutes. Interview with Rolf Dane at the BODY-MIND- SPIRIT HEALTH FAIR in Brøndby Hallen. Danish audio.


TV Bella interviews Rolf Dane about DEEP Clearing. With english subtitles!

Ca. 4 minutes. TV Bella interview with Rolf Dane about DEEP Clearing at the Body & Soul Fair, Kulturhuset Pilegården, in March 2017. With english subtitles.




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