"DEEP Clearing - Releasing the Power of Your Mind" by Rolf Dane - Sample Chapter: From the Book's Cover  - presented by Ability One Group, Denmark

Ch. 22:  Happiness and DEEP

Foreword by Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, PhD





















Rolf Dane started his career in self-development in the 1970's. He has studied and applied many modalities and techniques, including Applied Metapsychology (AMP) and Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR). He currently lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. He studied and worked in USA for 20 years. 


He developed DEEP Clearing during the last 12 years as part of his practice. He has a degree in philosophy and psychology from Copenhagen University and is certified in AMP and TIR.



DEEP Clearing, Releasing the Power of Your Mind introduces a groundbreaking new method in self-improvement and therapy. The method however builds on the age-old model of man as consisting of head, heart and hand. Each of us has a mental, an emotional and an action side.


In any issue that is taken up in DEEP, opposing sides are contacted and experienced firsthand by the client. An important part of this method is to contact the original recordings of thought, emotion, and action. When these original recordings are inspected and dissolved, the client can effortlessly change his/her mind about an issue based on common sense and own decision.


One of the basic principles in DEEP is that emotional charge persists and becomes resistive when there is a conflict between diverging points of view. That a collision or a heated argument can result in emotional charge is of course a well-established fact. That the same collision or argument in session can be re-experienced from one's own point of view as well as from the opponent's point of view is new.


The client in a DEEP session will be enabled to see the collision or conflict in detail from both sides. The client is enabled to see the three elements of thought, emotion and action on each side of the collision or conflict and dissolve the original resistive recordings and thus the scars of the painful experiences can be fully resolved.


The book is a step-by-step manual in putting these theories to the test. DEEP Clearing contains all the instructions needed to perform a DEEP Clearing session.


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